Awakening the Body’s Joy

There’s a lot of joy in the body, and it can be released when you touch it… ever… so… lightly…

A light touch surfs the edge of passion and pleasure… we all have places in the body that crave to be touched.

Some of these spots are also ticklish…

Tickling is a touchy subject – people either hate it or love it. (I used to hate it, now I love it!)

But all that joy in the body, its fun to discover!

Play with it, explore, have fun…

Be gentle. Err on the side of lightness. Even better, get a feather!

And touch your lover ever so gently…


Tickling raises our energy, a very playful way to raise our kundalini.

Tickling is surfing; we find the sweet spot, that narrow edge, and we move just enough to stay in its crest…

Too much, and our lover contracts… Too slow and, well, there is almost no such thing as too slow… (particularly for a woman)

Your body intuitively knows how to touch your lover just right… It knows how to surf that sweet spot, calling forth and awakening so much kundalini, so much joy, energy and passion that you explode!

Take turns with that feather!


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